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Uploaded, known under the internet addresses,, or even, enables the daily exchange of data for millions of people all over the world.

At Uploaded, you get to choose between a free but severely limited free account and the premium account. The latter offers you multiple improvements compared to the free account. You can see a list of the most important improvements here:

Free accountfree of charge Premium accountwith costs
Download speed: 50 KB/s unlimited
Download restriction: one file every 60 minutes none
Parallel downloads: no yes
Guaranteed storage space no 10 GByte
Downloads start immediately: no yes
Download manager: no yes
Free of advertising: no yes
Overview of premium advantages

What speeds does an premium account provide?

Other than the free account of, for which the speed of downloads is limited to 50kb/s, there are no limitations with the Uploaded premium account. The hours limit, which allows you, as a user of Uploaded's free account, to download only one data at a time, disappears. In order to utilize performance to capacity where applicable, a download manager is recommended, much like the program JDownloader. With it, you can establish multiple connections to the host.

What are the payment facilities for a premium account?

When buying an Uploaded premium account, Uploaded provides various payment options to you, depending on the country you come from. Hereafter, we would like to briefly go into detail concerning the individual methods of payment.

Payment method Suitable for Activation

Credit card

Well-known payment with the most commonly used credit cards, a pre-verification occurs via SMS or phone call.

All those who prefer to pay with a credit card and do not mind disclosing a lot of personal data on the internet.


Advance payment

Manual transfer, you get your premium account after your payment has been received, usually within 1-2 working days.

All those who have patience and prefer not to disclose personal data on the internet.

1-2 working days

Direct debit

Similar to the transfer method, although the amount will be deducted from your account after a while.

All those who do not mind leaving their account information online with a third-party provider.



Payment via a prepaid card, which has to be purchased beforehand at a supermarket, gas station, or lottery store.

All those who prefer to pay anonymously.



Payment via a crypto currency, which has to be exchanged for real money beforehand.

All those who prefer to pay anonymously.


SMS & Call2Pay

Payment via SMS or phone call

All small account packages up to and including a running time of 3 months. Payment occurs with the next phone bill.

premium account payment options

How much traffic do I have with a Premium Account?

Upon purchase of your premium account, you start with a traffic of 100GB. Each day, Uploaded credits 30GB to you. This way, unused traffic may accumulate to 500GB. In terms of figures, 1000GB (1TB) are possible this way (100GB at the start + (30GB * 30 days)).

For the sake of completeness, it has to be said that unused traffic expires at the end of the premium running time.

Is there a way to get premium accounts cheaper?

As the resale program of has been discontinued a few years ago, there is no official way to get accounts at a lower price. Potential shops that offer accounts at a cheaper rate than Uploaded violate the host's terms and conditions. It is therefore not surprising that Uploaded continues to suspend user accounts from time to time which have been purchased through aforementioned shops. You do not have to expect goodwill on the part of Uploaded on this matter. For that reason, you have to consider carefully if you would like to take this risk.

However, there are a few options through which you can save money. It is recommended to continually extend your premium account if needed. That way, you receive a point crediting upon each new purchase, which you can exchange for a free premium month, starting at 10.000 points.

Running time Points
48 hours 500
1 month 1000
3 months 2000
6 months 6000
1 year 7000
2 years 9000
premium points

A further option is of course the purchase of longer premium running times. In this respect, Uploaded offers an inexpensive alternative to the monthly premium account (9,99€/month) with the two-year premium account for 99,99€ (4,17€/month). That way, you can save up to 58% (as opposed to the price of month-long premium account).

A list of the individual premium running times and potential savings that might result from them is given below.

Product Price per month
1 month 9,99€
3 months 8,33€ Savings of 16 %
6 months 6,67€ Savings of 33%
1 year 5,83€ Savings of 42%
2 years 4,17€ Savings of 58%
Uploaded premium running time in a month-price comparison

Furthermore, there are discount campaigns from time to time with a price discount or free additional running time.